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SYH Classic Regatta 2024 Entry Form


Please enter the following yacht for the Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta 2024.​

Regatta entry fee for sailing yachts: £30

Entry fee for non-racing motor boats: £15

Please fill out as much information as you can about your vessel in the entry form below.  Submission of the form below does not guarantee acceptance of your regatta place.  Confirmation will be send via email at the earliest opportunity.


For berthing fees, contact / 01473 659 240.

If no current handicap certificate is available, handicaps will be assigned for the event by a Handicap Committee comprising or appointed by the Race Committee, based on information given in this form, together with any other relevant information available.  The Handicap Committee’s decision will be final, but it shall have the power to make adjustments in the light of genuine errors or new information.


Where a boat has a valid current handicap under any system recognised by the Handicap Committee (e.g IRC), a copy of the relevant certificate may be submitted and no other information will normally be needed.  

Furling Headsail?
Upload Certificate
Does your yacht have an engine?
Will you require assistance maneuvering in the marina?
Select an item (£)

Thanks for your entry!

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