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Entry List for the 2024 SYH Classic Regatta

Entry for the 2024 SYH regatta is now open. The regatta is an invitational event and entry criteria require sailing and motor yachts to be pre-1970 design and of traditional construction. Sailing yachts should have a Bermuda or gaff rig and be built of wood or steel.  Modern classic yachts with wooden or steel hulls are also welcome.

Current entries:

Acamar, Stella

Cherub, Deben Cherub

Phialle, Kim Holman Sloop

Speardancer, Fairey Marine motor boat

Lodestar, Stella

Jane, Fairey Huntsman motor boat

Jorvik, McGruer 42 motor boat

Cereste, Robert Clark 10 Tonner

Flower Power, Fairey Huntsman 28

Illiria, S&S sloop

ADC, Smack

Yet, Smack

Genesta, 75 Sq Metre

Primrose, Oyster Smack

Maimonde, 1937 motor yacht

Rhumba, Kim Holman Sterling Sloop

Rummy III, 1935 classic motor yacht

Kelpie II, classic canoe yacht

Capriccio, gaff cutter

Fable, gaff cutter

Malwen, Solani class sloop

Trident of Hamble, Fairey Huntsman 31

Sea Plough, Fairey Huntsman 28

Christina, Fairey Marine Christina 25

Ryegate, 1937 Gibbs motor boat

Mea, Laurent Giles Vertue

Morn, 1919 Thornycroft motor boat

Nauti Bear, Fairey Huntsman 28

Ryegate, 1937 Gibbs motor boat

Mea, Laurent Giles Vertue

Europa II, Fairey Huntsman 28

Sweet Return, Uffa Fox yawl

Swn Y Mor, ex RNLI lifeboat

Grey Seal, Gauntlet 12 tonner

Sunstone, S&S sloop

Timbalie, Prior 30

Mirabelle, 1948 classic motor boat

Jubilee, Deben Cherub

Loyal, Fairey Huntress

Persephone, Stella

Sunday Girl, Fairey Huntsman 28

Fanny of Cowes, Gaff Cutter

Lindy Lou, Deben Cherub

Maudorces, 1925 classic motor boat

Northumbria, Fairey Sword motor boat

Gudgeon, Alfred Milne yawl

Lynette, Deben Cherub

Samphire, Baron van Hoevell 'Boomke' yacht

Venya, Spissgatter 40sqM

Foresight, 1938 Herd & McKenzie motor boat

Seaspray, Fairey Marine motor boat

Arrow, West Solent One Design

Tresyla, Dell Quay Ranger motor boat

Fanfare, Bermudan sloop

Cornubia, Pilot cutter


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